Episode 41: Bitching about Facebook and other blather

Hello. I put up another podcast. I know, it's huge news, but try to keep it together. The picture to is Tad KublerPhotoJul10115742PM.jpgOf The Hold Steady. I'm a fan of the band and had the good fortune of seeing them in Omaha. I'm not showing you this picture to give you the impression that we're best friends, I'm showing you this photo so that to back up the part of the podcast where I explain that I look like a 4 necked bag of dookie on the podcast. So, now you have a frame of reference. 

Hey, I plug some cards I sold to Frank and Funny in the podcast. If you want to pick them up, you can do that here http://www.live-inspired.com/search?sortReset=1&q=Spencer+dobson&x=-996&y=-179
You can also find the link on spencerdobsoncomedy.com. 
You will also find some cartoons I've made at http://www.spencerdobsoncomedy.com/video.html
and there are more on the way.
This episode is a rant about internet etiquette.  Ok. enjoy the podcast. 
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Episode 40 : The Bullet Proof Hearts.

smallbphkt.jpgHey. This week I talk to one of my best friends from High School, Kevin Moran and his Wife Tammy about their Band The Bullet Proof Hearts. I was in Omaha to see Kevin and Tammy and the Bullet Proof Hearts perform at the Omaha Punk Rock Reunion at the Waiting Room, formerly known as the "Lift Ticket". In the 80's the Lift Ticket had all ages punk shows. This is the place that introduced me to Punk Rock. Punk, obviously wasn't started in Omaha, but I saw punk up close and personally for the first time in Omaha.

Kevin and I had lost touch for several years, so it's been great getting reacquainted and finding out how much Kevin still Rocks. He a man who's life is literally infused with Rock and Roll. 
The Bullet Proof Hearts are on Drastic Plastic Records
Also, Special Thanks to Prairie Pine Plantation. Ok, Enjoy. 


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Episode 39: A bunch of mumbling about why I haven’t put up a podcast in a while and other stories.

Hey, sorry it's been a while. No good excuse really. I'll try to do a better job of staying on top of this. Ok, Enjoy. 

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Episode 38: Bryan Miller

I sat down in the basement of  Dangerfields in Shakopee with Minneapolis Comedian Bryan Miller. We talked about opening for Dave Chapelle, some irrational audience members, how everything is happening all at the same time, stand up in general and the worst introduction in the history of introductions. Thanks for listening. Enjoy the show.
Follow Bryan on twitter at https://twitter.com/bmillercomedy or


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Episode 37: The Butcher, Been Accused, Eric Kerr

This week I'm talking to a bunch of local musicians from the Grand Forks ND Music Scene. We did a Movember Celebration together this week and these guys brought the goods.We have a some very talented music folks in this area. I hope you like them.

The Butcher:

Check out the Video for "Pull the Trigger" Here: http://youtu.be/ompUN-X53Bc

Been Accused

Eric Kerr

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Episode 36: Nathan Timmel

My Guest this week is comedian, author and podcaster Nathan Timmel. You can check out Nathans body of work here

I’m going to be doing a fund raiser on the 20th at Courtney’s in Moorehead. If you would like to help my friend Sienna out, she’s been having some health issues and could use a little boost. Make Donations Here


Also, if you go to to Courtney’s this week, you will see the very Funny Mik Thronveit mc and Bobby Ray Bunch Feature.    

Finally, please go Check out my youtube Channel. Thanks.

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Episode 35: So many Donuts.

I Spent a couple of Day's in Portland while on my way to the beautiful city of Florence, Oregon. I had the good fortune of finding a funky hotel in a funky neighborhood, pretty much by chance. Portland has a reputation as being something of a world onto itself and I don't think it's hype. This is a Conversation with Katie and Nichole, the cool ass young ladies that work at the desk of the Banfield hotel. I hope you like it. Thanks for listening.


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Episode 34: Nazi’s are bad.

Hi, on this episode of the Spencer Dobcast I talk about a failed attempt to promote not being a nazi. Also, I talk about an incident that happened at Ohio state involving a man doing stuff to a women who then decided she wasn't happy about it. That is a really nice way to put that. Anyway, thanks for listening. 

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Episode 33: Upsell!!!

On this fine episode of the Spencer Dobcast, I go on and on about the hoard of door to door magazine saleskids that infested my neighborhood, then I explain how I almost o.d.'ed on coffee then I talk about comedy show etiquette. Then the show's over and you can go about your life. 

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Episode 32: Shemomedjamo

In this Episode I talk about where I've been, an article about words that don't exist in the English language and some old 78's that I've recently acquired. Thanks for tuning in. 

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