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July 20th, 2015    

Episode 48: From a Red Roof Inn in the Midwest

Hello. The Spencer Dobcast has been on hiatus for a while for several reasons. However, Here is a new episode. It's just me, your host, Spencer Dobson, talking about stuff thats happening right now. I hope you like it. 

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February 2nd, 2015    

Episode 47: Dwight York

Dwight York has been a friend of mine for years. He is a true road dog and a master of the one liner. Dwight has published a couple of collections of his one DwightYork.jpg liners on the Stand Up! Records imprint: "More from the Vile File" He also has a disk on Stand Up! called Quickies. Dwight has the unique distinction of being the only comic to play the Sturgis Motor Cycle Rally for 6, going on 7 years. I had the pleasure of working with Dwight recently and he was gracious enough to sit down and chat about one liners, bikers and comedy in general. If you want to hook up with Dwight you can find him at dwightyork.com. Thanks for listening. 

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December 18th, 2014    

Episode 46: Jeff Gerbino

da75e7856ee64df6fe1a008ce566e2a5.jpgJeff Gerbino has been doing stand up for over 30 years. The "business" of Stand Up Comedy did not exist in the Midwest when Jeff first took the Stage. His time in the business has brought him into the spheres of some of the greatest names in the business and after all this time, he can still make the Crowd howl. Enjoy.

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November 21st, 2014    

Episode 45: Mike O’Keefe

MIkeOkeefe.jpgMike O'Keefe is Detroit Comic. He's very funny. We talked about Kiss, Wrestling, Real estate, Comedy clubs, Being Irish and a bunch of other stuff, that I'm sure you will find amazing. Check out Mike's album "Where ever they'll have me"  or visit his website: themikeokeefe.com. Also I spent 15 mintues trying to get that sideway's picture to be not sideways and It wouldn't have it, so that's what I'm stuck with. Any way, Mike is a riot, enjoy the show. 

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November 17th, 2014    

Episode 44: Extreme Maggie

WIN_20141108_152141.jpgThis week Maggie Faris and I go down an internet wormhole. I've known Maggie since the 90's, she's always been a great comic and now she is doing some really great things on the internet as well. Her website extrememaggie.com allows you to, among other things, bid cash money to be Maggies #1 fan for the year. Maggie and I talk about the web, A Christmas Story and comedy. Enjoy. 

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October 16th, 2014    

Episode 43: Rob Brackenridge & Steve Hartman go down an Internet Wormhole

This week on the Spencer Dobcast I sit down with Rob Brackenridge  and Steve Hartman. This Episode is an experiment. I am trying out a new format that I am calling an internet wormhole. 

The Logistics of this format should seem pretty clear as you listen to the show.

Here are the sites we visited if you want to take a look at anything. 

Rejected Peanuts Tweets
Hot female athletes 

Thanks for listening and I hope you like it. 
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August 18th, 2014    

Episode 42: Kissology

This Week I Traveled to the Brainerd International Raceway. I did this to see a Kiss Tribute band Called Kissology. As it turns out, they where playing horsedrawn.jpgthe Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals. Apparently it's a pretty big event in the drag racing world. There was a sea of winnebago's and army of golf carts and mini bikes, I have never seen that many people in that small a space with thathoppedupcar.jpg many Golf carts. But the vibe was good, the people where friendly. I assume the races where, fun I never got the to the track. 

I've known Jeff Decker since high school. We used to play guitar in his basement. Jeff already had the tongue to be in Kiss be he also has the love of the band. Jeff is a walking encyclopdia of Kiss Knowledge and the name of his tribute 


band "Kissology" reflects his Scholarly knowledge on the subject.The Band Constists of (Almost) Ace Frehley - Richard Schultz
(Practically) Paul Stanley - Scott Chandler
(Pretty Much) Peter Criss- Brian Chandler
& (Just About) Gene Simmons - Jeff Decker
I also talk with the Bands Merchandise Manager Destroy Gene, AKA Greg Trimm. Greg is also a Gene impersonator and huge fan. 
Kissoloyg Sound like them, they look like them and Rock like them. 
I chat a little with the opening acts, Kick Starts bass player Ben Kervin.

 The show was a lot of fun by the way. Ok, enjoy. 




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August 8th, 2014    

Re Post of the Hosts of the Westward Ho: Part 2

This is a repost of the Host of The Westward ho Episode so that if can be put in the Livin Grand Blog and heard on Android devices. 

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August 8th, 2014    

Re Post of the Host of the Westward Ho

This is a Repost of the Host of the Westard Ho Ep1. If you have an Adroid Device, you should be able to listen to the episode now. 

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July 13th, 2014    

Episode 41: Bitching about Facebook and other blather

Hello. I put up another podcast. I know, it's huge news, but try to keep it together. The picture to is Tad KublerPhotoJul10115742PM.jpgOf The Hold Steady. I'm a fan of the band and had the good fortune of seeing them in Omaha. I'm not showing you this picture to give you the impression that we're best friends, I'm showing you this photo so that to back up the part of the podcast where I explain that I look like a 4 necked bag of dookie on the podcast. So, now you have a frame of reference. 

Hey, I plug some cards I sold to Frank and Funny in the podcast. If you want to pick them up, you can do that here http://www.live-inspired.com/search?sortReset=1&q=Spencer+dobson&x=-996&y=-179
You can also find the link on spencerdobsoncomedy.com. 
You will also find some cartoons I've made at http://www.spencerdobsoncomedy.com/video.html
and there are more on the way.
This episode is a rant about internet etiquette.  Ok. enjoy the podcast. 
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